Ehehe. I think someone also mentioned anglerfish!Belarus. Is there some relationship between Slavic countries and anglerfish that I’m missing?


He said if he ran in those shoes, they’d fall off.

here’s your captain america 3 poster marvel


He said if he ran in those shoes, they’d fall off.

here’s your captain america 3 poster marvel


"the cape for thor and now the shield for cap" (x)

whohoo ca: the winter soldier is past half a billion guys *throws confetti* 


so much for: oh foreign audiences wont watch it cos hATE AMERICA!!!1

as i can attest from first hand experience, we will watch it if it’s good. in the hands of a lazier studio, this character  could have been lazily written as a jingoistic icon and tone-death america f*** yeah. instead we got an awesome portrayal someone who represents this universal idea of our better angels, and a nuanced characterisation about the potential overreach of global power. 

i used to think cap was among the less interesting of the avengers. NOT ANYMORE. CROW HAS BEEN EATEN. 

don’t pull that thread

Summary: Natasha, prompted by the memory of her conversation with Loki, reflects on her relationship with Steve.

A/N: wow okay this just kind of came into my head- as I was thinking about everything implicit and unsaid in the Winter Solder. 

Is this love, Agent Romanoff? His sinuous voice slithers into her mind far too easily, bringing with it the hollowed eyes of the deranged alien prince it belonged to. The malicious mockery and edge in his voice is suddenly shining, bright and sharp. Effective. Why should that be? When the man-he was just a man, stripped down to flesh and bones, bereft of the fantastical thousand-year old legends that told his tale- was defeated. She is immersed in the memory, the blue-greens and greys of his prison in sharp clarity, facing the haughty veneer of a prince who was barely able to paper over a deep-reaching, wild-eyed insanity that spoke of abysses stared into, abysses that stared back, beyond the fathomless cosmos. 

Why should they suddenly matter again, when the man who uttered them was defeated, inconsequential?

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This is my best Avengers fanart in 2012. This piece still so warm to me and I thought what if  .. and there it is! 

first pic 14 of september 2012 
second today 23 of january 2014 

Soon… (X)

do not remove the source guys. the original post included the abovementioned text, and the source. even so, I’m a bit wary as to seeing that the artist is on tumblr themselves, whether they gave permission. 

Anonymous asked: what is your perception of the main hetalia characters in canon (personal views of axis and allies, others if you want) just curious.

hmm just a basic, rough headcanon based on current affairs and stuff :D in general…they are all a little bit mad. And not completely nice people…

Alfred: Extremely intelligent, somewhat unhinged but a brilliant actor who excels in playing dumb. He’s a chameleon- by nature he’s an extrovert and enjoys being around people so he does appear genuinely friendly and cheerful. He can be generous, but say your prayers if you get on his bad side. He’s ruthless when he wants something- he sees no problem with trampling others to get it, and will pursue his enemies until the last. 

Ivan: He’s actually mentally more put together than Alfred, and he purposely acts crazy because he finds it amusing to scare others and as a useful bargaining chip. He’s very pragmatic and shrewd, and is very cultured in that he enjoys going to operas, plays and ballets. Like Alfred, he is extremely ambitious. 

Arthur: Same as canon, used to be a somewhat psychopathic delinquent, but he’s mellowed out and settled down a lot. He’s kind of decided to take things easier now, but he won’t shy away from getting involved. At the same time, he’s a bit grumpy over the economic malaise and has a love-hate relationship with the EU. He is really sarcastic and has the best dry humour ever and enjoys writing ^^

Yao: In contrast to Arthur and the rest of the Europeans, he’s feeling extremely vigorous and enthusiastic right now about…everything. And he’s also extremely ambitious about reclaiming his greatness, and is pragmatic enough to deny it. He is an excellent entrepreneur and outspoken, and has a really dizzying love-hate relationship with his government. 

Francis: He’s all about l’amour, but he actually takes things seriously and isn’t as nearly as oblivious as he sometimes pretends to be. Compared to Alfred, he has a harder time dealing with his increased diversity. He enjoys the fine things in life, and has a strong but uneasy relationship with Germany regarding the EU. Compared to Arthur, he’s even more willing to throw himself into the fray, especially when it concerns his old colonies.