mutually assured destruction

surprise surprise fanart other than Naruto eh 8D

sighhh okay like i finished this Cold War-theme picture wayyyy back. I only posted America on DA because I kinda kept trying to change Russia’s expression. And I just felt there were a whole lot of mistakes so I kinda told myself i’d revamp them both but never quite got around to doing it

found it again in my computer today and decided i should stop being so picky and just post it because i do like what i did with the colours (even if I feel there are mistakes elsewhere)^^ instead of leaving it to collect dust

I do love Alfred and Ivan’s dynamics ^^ I dig their antagonism for some reason hehe. And I do like the idea of portraying America with the sort of insanity and malice the fandom sometimes associates too much with Russia. I mean for me, it’s like “c’mon, they’re two sides of the same damned coin!”

#superpowers #cunning #and ruthless #headcanon america is far more intelligent than he lets on 

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