{Han China, Mughal India, Ottoman Turkey, Habsburg Hungary, Victorian Britain, Nazi Germany and the contemporary United States}

finallyyy finished it! *a scarier version of my older piece* :D

Because I felt I kind of wanted to portray the certain insanity and bloodthirstiness behind the idea of empire, and I thought of the nations looked a little placid in the first version. My headcanon- every nation kind of has this dark side, because all nations have a duality of nature- and this capability for insanity is a manifestation of all their ills, problems and those moments where they committed terrible wrongs in their history. And I drew America, because the underlying desire for power and self-interest at the heart of imperialism imo, is still alive today-even though it takes on different forms.

Quotes are from J.M Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians (i will quote this book forever.)

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